Mortgages for Medics

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Mortgages for Medics

Mortgages for Medics.

We specialise in obtaining mortgages for medics. Whether you are a medical professional in the NHS or you work in the private medical sector or a combination of both we know that your income will probably have many elements to it and may also not be entirely even throughout the financial year.

Another consideration is that if you are at the beginning of your career as a medical professional there is a good chance that you may well have a large student loan balance combined with a number of short term training contracts across a various NHS trusts which can be perceived as a lack of job security.

We have drilled down into the specific lending criteria of the lenders and have identified a selection that are acquiescent to the way that medics are paid along with how their employment history can present which means a greater chance of having all of your income considered for lending purposes and therefore a successful mortgage application through us.

So whichever medical discipline you work in and however long your career in it we will work to find you the right mortgage for your plans.

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